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Pork Chop

Subtly marinated boneless pork chop, generously coated in a seasoned sweet potato flour and shallow fried for a crisp coat and succulent centre. Crunchy, moist and aromatic flavour creates a comforting embrace from each bite.


Superior soya marinated chicken breast with the essence of 5 spice and pepper, culminated by the crisp sweet potato coating, ensures this to be a treat for the taste buds.


Oyster Mushrooms need nothing to be desired. The enjoyment of eating these gorgeous mushrooms is only enhanced by a light crisp coating of sweet potato flour and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Each Box

Each component lends a different complexity to this tasteful lunch box. Fluffy white steamed rice, the pickles for a hint of sourness, vegetables for balance and a slow cooked marinated egg.

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